Alexis Alexander Tapp


     I began composing lyrics and serenading neighbors at age four from a back yard swing. While my compositions were undoubtedly primitive, my love of music drew me into various choirs through elementary school. During those same early years, my mother taught me to draw which was nurtured by attentive teachers. I continued my study of art at Baylor University in historic Old Main where I learned the basics of life drawing, design, color, wood carving, and sculpting but almost nothing about what was going on in the vast, creative world  outside of such a  conservative environment in Waco, Texas.

     I blinked twice, and a few life-transformations later, I joined The Jesse Lopez Band as his  female vocalist,  and we headed to Detroit to play at the opening of  the fabulous Renaissance Center in Detroit which was an amazing gig.  Traveling from east to west with various groups, I began to develop my singer-songwriter skills. My first experience in a recording studio was terrifying, but by the end of that magical experience, I was transformed and totally hooked.  Being “in the studio” became the goal of that decade, and I've enjoyed a considerable amount of "work for hire"  studio work as a vocalist in the years since.

     When the stars aligned once more, I had the good fortune to sign a contract with Jack Calmes, co-founder along with Angus Wynne of the highly successful Showco.  Returning to the studio, I recorded three original country tunes which you can find on my album, "Angel Eyes".  Though I received respectable airplay and made some great contacts, the finished product managed to garner attention from Sony and Arista but failed to firm up a contract with either.  Without additional funding, I would face the same predicament that many other original artists of those day faced.   However,  today is a new day:  computerized music, crowd funding, and you-tube.   Wow.  So many opportunities are available for artists now.

     Time passed, and my musical tastes and ambitions changed.   I formed my own band and began to write, record, and perform music with a rock-jazz fusion flavor.  The ensuing excursion into the studio as “Alexis Alexander and The Double A Rhythm Section” resulted in the release of a picture disc entitled “The Witch in Me”, an album that has since been listed in an internationally distributed book, “Picture Discs of the World: 1923-1989”.  These same publishers now host an online site that offers a list of pressed picture discs, where I feel fortunate to find my name there along with some amazing and world renown artists.

      Along side such acts as Vince Vance and the Valiants, Toyko Dogs, Refugee, Steve Powell,  Nemra, Backstreet, and Johnny D and the Rocket 88's, I performed in venues around Dallas. From Poor David's Pub on Greenville Avenue and Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth to tiny California dives and back to the showroom at The Sands Las Vegas,  I experienced both the perks and the pains of life as a musician.  Some highlights worth a mention:  I was opening act  for notables such as The Coasters, The Drifters, The Shirells, Lou Christie, Bo Diddley, The Ink Spots, and, my absolute favorite, The Pointer Sisters.   Some fun times and interesting stories seasoned my life.

     As a long time member of the Texas Music Association, The Dallas Songwriter’s Association, and both the Bluebonnet Chapter of the Poetry Society of Texas and the National Federation of Poets, I worked to improve my writing skills.  I was proud to take multiple state level awards which resulted in my being published along side my friends and favorite poets, Budd Powell Mahann, Paul Holcolm, and Alan Birklebach.

     As an involved and committed member of the Church of Christ, when it was time, I was happy to step back from my music life and into the role of wife and mother in small town America, where my artist muse got a pretty lengthy vacation.  

I am thrilled now to be part of a supportive artist's community in Wylie, Texas where I'm currently painting under the guide of a talented artist, Andrew Wages.   My focus is to continue growth through each piece, to continue developing my style, to remain loose in my interpretation, and to find my place in the art world.  You can currently find a number of my pieces displayed at the Wylie Art Gallery, on this site, or you can contact me at 214-869-3964. 

I've been blessed with so many artistic opportunities and nurturing associations with a variety of musicians and artists.  I  continue creating art and music and can't wait to see what the future holds.

What is a Picture Disc? - The Witch in Me album is available in its originally distributed picture disc.

What is a Picture Disc Record Album?

A picture disc record album is different from a regular record album in that the picture of the group, or anything that you would normally find on the cardboard record album cover, was imprinted right into the vinyl of the album. The vinyl used to make these was clear colored instead of black. These were more expensive to produce and so less of them were made.

The sound quality on picture discs is not as good as the standard black vinyl recordings and was purchased more for looks than for actual playback. In other words, they were just cool to own and even when first released, were considered collectibles.

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