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Alexis Alexander Tapp
Written and performed by Alexis Tapp


    "Side B" of the Alexis Alexander picture disc.



   80"s rock offered me an opportunity to play a flamboyant character. 

         "Icy Hot" reeks of tough-fem-rock....a flash from the past.

Alexis Tapp
Written and performed by Alexis Tapp


When I was a single female, like many other women, I was quite aware of the impact my feminine gifts had on the men around me.  This, my "tongue-in-cheek" telling of that experience and about the undeniable power of attraction I observed., was written in fun and sass.  It seemed that men, in their attempt to impress, often found themselves "bewitched".  "The Witch in Me", which ended up being the title track for my picture disk album and a mainstay for my live performance. 



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ALEXIS TAPP,  copyright 1983



(Sample of the lyrics)


I see them try to occupy their time


With all of life's little toys


To keep from feeling those nasty fears


They felt with girls when they were just boys.



Must I be careful with their tender thirsty hearts


Or let them taste sweet wine;


But never let them sip too much,


So men with hearts like half-filled cups will follow close behind.




Chorus: Oh, it's the witch in me..the witch in me,


They want to see...The mystery I hold.


I love my men! Yes, all of them!


But what they want is Bold!

Written and performed by Alexis Tapp & Rex Mauney


Rex Mauney, the keyboard player and musical director of my band, The Double A Rhythm Section, played this tune for me one afternoon on my old, upright piano in hopes that I might put some lyrics to it.  When I began the writing process, I was reminded of the first time I met the amazing man who is now my husband.  The first moment of impact when his eyes captured me from across the room is something that will stay with me forever and certainly changed the direction of my life.  I felt this significant moment was powerful enough to pair up with Rex's melody, and thus evolved our collaboration, "With Those Eyes".  We never recorded this song in the studio, but I am so happy that we managed to get a live recording when we showcased the song at Nick's Uptown.  Rex is now the keyboardist for the amazing Toby Keith and is traveling the world, making great music.  I hope you enjoy our performance together.




                                    Alexis Tapp & Rex Mauney

                                            copyright 1983

All the other men that I’ve met haven’t been the star

That I knew you were when I first set eyes upon

The part of you that’s driving me mad.

Oh, I wish I had

Whatever spell of magic you cast.

              With those eyes.  

            With those eyes.

            Chorus 1:  I want you. I want you.  Oh, what desperation!

                               I never…I never found much inspiration

                                Until I met with those eyes.  Oh, what confrontation!

                                I’d willingly now surrender without hesitation.

                                Without those eyes around, I’d fear extreme frustration.

                                Won’t be the same since those eyes.

            Bridge:   Eyes that first draw me near and then gently hypnotize.

                             At once both reassure and then cut me down to size.

                             Endearing and loving but fearsome are those eyes.


            They warm me.  They touch me everywhere.

            Through their intense gaze, I become aware.

            Before I met you, how could I have been prepared

            For anything like those eyes?

            Chorus 2:  I want you.  I want you.  I never…I never knew,

                                 Until I met with those eyes,

                                 I never knew life’s surprise.

                                The spell of magic they weave,

                                 I know that I’ll never leave.

                                 With those eyes.

Alexis Tapp
Created by Alexis Tapp


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